Garden Time | March 

March weather can be a little bit hit and miss. We have already had Storm Gareth and the weather is set to be grey and windy for the week to come. Some aspects of gardening may not be fun at this time of year… but they are necessary. So here are a few things you can do in the sunshine moments. Or in the rain if you feel up to it!

Plant the Seeds and Bulbs.

March is a busy time in the gardening year. A time when many seeds can be planted, either outside or somewhere safe and not too cold inside. Some seeds, hardy perennials such as love in the mist, can be scattered in sunny areas in the garden. Others may need keeping inside or in a green house for a little more protection. 

Now is also a good time to start planting out summer flowering bulbs.

Tidy Up

It is also a great time to do any tidying that you haven’t had a chance to do yet. Ready to sprout forth new life. Tidy areas of the garden ready to plant in the new year, rake and add mulch to areas that need it. Add fresh compost to pots that may need it. 

And keep an eye on early weeds – removing as many as possible to save a later job. 


Some pruning is best done now too, before new growth comes through. Roses should be pruned at this time of year. And some winter flowering bushes and plants should be pruned now too. 

Planting Vegetables

It is also a great time to start planting the veg patch. Plant early potatoes at the end of the month, but remember to cover well to protect from frost. Onions can also be planted out now, in a sunny patch of the garden.

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