Bee Charity – What the Proceeds do for bees!


As a current supporter of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, we would love to share a little more about why we support this charity, and what they do with the money raised through your support and the purchase of any of our bee products.

BBCT work in 2018

In 2018, La Juniper and you (our lovely customers) helped fund 8 important landscape-scale conservation projects and enabled BBCT to participate in 5 further partner-led projects across the UK.  These projects created opportunities for over 500 volunteers to get involved with conservation and enabled us to spread awareness to thousands of people.  Over 4,800 enquiries from the general public were handled by our Information Officers too!

 Your support also enabled BBCT to achieve two big firsts for the Trust during 2018.  We published a book, written by Trust staff, called “Bumblebees – An Introduction” aimed at bee-loving beginners and covering bumblebee ecology, lifecycle, ways in which you can help bumblebees and creating new pollinator-friendly habitat. The Trust also launched the Bumblebee Education Experience (BEE), a free curriculum-linked secondary education mobile resource, now visiting schools in Derbyshire as part of our brilliant Pollinating the Peak project.


Next for BBCT

Here is a taster of what the Bumblebee Conservation Trust will be doing in 2019, in addition to our current projects and activities:-

The BBCT Saving the Great Yellow bumblebee project in Scotland will begin. They will working hard to halt and reverse the decline of one of our rarest and most beautiful species of bumblebee.  50 years ago, this bumblebee could be found from Cornwall to Scotland. But is now found only in the far north of Scotland, the Orkneys and the Hebrides.

BBCT will also continue working with the Duchy of Cornwall and other landowners in the Fowey Valley, Cornwall, to create a “Field of Dreams” space and woodland walk for the public to enjoy, an education hub and further wildflower meadows. 

Moustached Bee

And BBCT hope to expand our fundamentally important citizen-science scheme, BeeWalk. As the only national bumblebee abundance survey, it represents our best chance to detect, and act to prevent, pollinator declines.  Created in 2008, volunteers walk a 1km set route (transect) once a month from March to October. While walking bumblebee species seen are recorded. We will be publishing our third BeeWalk annual report. Showing trends in bumblebee populations, thanks to data collected from our fantastic 392 BeeWalk volunteers!

Thank you for all your support in 2019, for us and for BBCT. We are continuing our support of this lovely charity through 2019. With at least 10% from all bee products going to the group. And we have lots of lovely bee things coming soon!

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