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What would you do if your husband came home and told you he wanted to start a Christmas Tree and Gin business? This is what happened to Amy… and not long after gin making equipment started arriving at her home. 

Next came months of paper work, distilling in the garage, gin tasting and a new addition to the family. Various gin infusions were tried and tested before they were first sold to the . Now Amy is part of the wonderful Bottomley Distillery, creating delicious gin for the enjoyment of others. A lot of love and hard work has gone into the creation of Pin Gin. Pin Gin is a wonderful brand, and more importantly they produce two genuinely delicious gins. 

Based in Louth, Lincolnshire. Pin Gin currently have two gins. Their London Dry and their pink. Both are delicious, with a beautiful blend of ingredients, including rose petals and juniper. The Pin Gin premium pink is infused with strawberries. 

Photo – Bottomly Distillery

The Future for Pin Gin

Now out of their garage, they are growing fast and have lots of exciting things happening in the future. You can visit their tasting bar and distillery this year. And you can go to their Gin School and learn all about gin and botanicals. You get to take a bottle home with you. Amy and the team are looking forward, and are just about to cask their first Whiskey. So in about three years time, when the first cask is ready, you may be able to try Bottomley Distillery Whiskey, if you get an order in quick enough.

You can buy Pin Gin from their website or various other carefully chosen sellers. Let us know if you try a Pin Gin and what you think. You can follow Pin Gin on Instagram or visit their website here. 


Photo – Bottomly Distillery

Ways to Drink Pin Gin

If you want something a little different to a straight gin and tonic I suggest using elderflower tonic and adding frozen strawberries to Pink Pin Gin. Or try one of my favourite cocktails, the Gin Dawa. The Dawa is an African cocktail which traditionally uses Vodka. But I first had it in Tanzania with Gin rather than Vodka. 

You will need (per drink) – 1 lime, 2 shots of gin, 1/2 teaspoon Demerara sugar, crushed ice and half a teaspoon of honey (add more or less to taste – some people prefer this drink sweet, others prefer the sharpness of the lime). 

Squeeze the lime (we sell a great, sustainably sourced citrus squeezer) into a glass, add the sugar and use a muddler to crush. Remove the lime rind. add the gin and honey and mix well. Then add the crushed ice. Taste and add more honey if you need it. Enjoy. 


Please drink responsibly. 

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