Book Corner | Lowborn by Kerry Hudson

Book Corner | Lowborn by Kerry Hudson

Published: Penguin Random House – 16/05/19

Lowborn: Growing Up, Getting Away and Returning to Britain’s Poorest Towns is a forthright portrayal of what it was like growing up in the poorest regions of the UK in the 1980s and 90s. And what it is like going back and investigating your own past. A memoir by the author Kerry Hudson.  

Starting with her birth in 1980s Aberdeen, this book gives a glimpse into Kerry’s life now compared to her life growing up. Kerry talks candidly about family, and the twists and turns that they bring. She writes about living at home with a young, single mother and aspects of the care system she also grew up with. A thought provoking book that demonstrates how much your upbringing can still affect you as an adult.

Lowborn – Kerry Hudson

A book that is relevant today, as it opens up questions about poverty in the UK and the systems put in place to protect those who need it. 

There is a purity and a brave honesty in the way that this book is written. Kerry takes us, not only through parts of her childhood, but also through the journey of writing Lowborn. She writes of her life today and what it was like investigating her past. You are given a glimpse into Kerry’s life and her thoughts on it. A beautifully written book, which is worth reading for its honesty and insight into family and growing up in poverty.

To find out more about Kerry Hudson and her work visit Penguin Random House or find her on Twitter. Or on her website Lowborn is available now in hardback, as an Ebook and as an Audio Download.

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