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For International Women’s Day I thought I would share some women who I admire and who (unbeknownst to them) have helped and influenced me with Home of Juniper.

Obviously there are many friends and family members who I love and am in awe of, and who have helped me through all aspects of my life. But these are a few women I have found through Home of Juniper, who I am proud to champion any day. 

Magazine Editor

Georgina, editor of Pebble Mag. If you haven’t read it already you really should. This wonderful magazine is the place to go for knowledge on everything eco and ethical. From where to buy ethical undies, to how to recycle plastics and eco-travel tips. Accessible and interesting, Georgina’s work has opened up all areas of eco and ethical. She (and Pebble Mag) have also influenced many people to be more eco. 

Chef and Food Writer

Tessa Kiros. Chef and Food Author, the first cookery book I ever owned was Falling Cloudberries by Tessa Kiros. It is beautiful. If you don’t like to cook, just buy it for the beautiful stories and the gorgeous photos. I do like to cook, it is how I relax, and all the recipes I have tried from this book so far have worked perfectly.  As well as being a talented business woman and food writer, the other reason I look up to Tessa is how lovely she is. She was the first famous person to agree to answer questions for the La Juniper blog, you can find her interview here.


Ethical Ambassador 

Sian, founder of Ethical Hour. Championing ethical living and business. So many of the wonderful people, bloggers and small business owners were introduced to me through Ethical Hour. Something I am always grateful for. In creating Ethical Hour, Sian has built a wonderful, interactive space where people can discover more about ethical living and business. As well as supporting businesses and helping to educate people in all things ethical, Sian has also just been named one of Defra’s Ambassadors for Year of Green Nature. 


There are some wonderful people at the Bumblebee Conservation Trust but as there isn’t time to talk about them all: Gill Perkins, Chief Executive. Gill joined the Trust in 2012 as Conservation Manager and moved into the role of CEO in April 2016. It is great to support this female led charity. In her role Gill leads the wonderful group to help protect bumblebees and educate people about why bumblebees are important.

The list goes on, I could write about lots of people, for various reasons. There are so many people I have discovered that I could could tell you about… the list is endless. Who do you look up to and why?

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