Fashion Brands That Do More

Fast fashion and fast fashion alternatives have been in the news a lot recently. Here are a few of our Favourite clothing and accessories brands that do a little more. Whether it is in how the items are made, the charities the brand is linked to or why the brand was created: 

Wunderkind and Wild

Wunderkind and Wild has a wonderful story behind the brand and they support multiple Mental Health charities including The Mix and Humanity Crew.

“I worked in the fashion industry before having children and found myself redundant on mat leave with the youngest; having suffered from depression since my teens, I also had anxiety attacks during pregnancy and PND so was aware of the work various mental health charities were doing, often due to the shortfall the NHS is able to provide.

Noticing how much I said I was ‘fine’ when I wasn’t, and how much I was hearing the same from my friends, I thought of launching a tshirt to raise money for mental health charities – and before I’d even started I found I had more than just a tshirt and more than one charity! I had grown up with activists such as Katherine Hamnett and saw a resurgence in these types of social enterprise brands; and I’ve always believed we should always be trying to give back in some way; Whether that’s through charity fundraising, workplace community initiatives, even recycling to help the environment. We all have a Mental Health, and illness relating to it are so prevalent I believe it’s much more than the 1 in 4 statistics, so the more of us talking about it and supporting the overwhelmed charities/doctors/advocates the better.”

Ethical Market

Ethical Market is a little bit of a favourite in the Home of Juniper office, you can buy some of our in-house designed products from them. And the people who run it are genuinely lovely people. This online market place sells a range of clothing from different brands, each with a different ethical ethos. A few of our current favourites include the sloth t-shirt at the top of the page, by Boodle Boutique – they used certified Organic cotton …. and they do baby grows:

Another Ethical Market brand we love is Madia and Matilda. This brands ethos revolves around sustainability. And they create beautiful – often one-off – pieces which have a minimal effect on the environment. Each piece is fairly made, handmade and sustainable.

Scamp & Dude

What is not to love! With stylish designs made for adults and children, this brand is becoming an established

The brand started in 2015 when creator Jo suffered a brain haemorrhage. She had to leave her children to undergo life threatening brain surgery.

It was this moment that inspired Jo to create Scamp and Dude,  a brand that helps children feel more secure when apart from their loved ones. Beautiful meaning behind a wonderful brand.

Selfish Mother

Selfish Mother is another brand that started as a brand meant to show mothers it is okay not to be perfect. And this amazing brand has now raised nearly one million pounds for charity. And has a blogline which helps parents know it is okay not to be perfect. And it is not just for parents… I have my eye on their We Are All Wonder Women t-shirt.

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