Ethical Wedding Planning 2019


Eco-friendly is the new black. And as there are more options available, it is becoming increasingly easy to have an eco-friendly wedding on any budget. There are many ways you can make a wedding more eco-friendly, here are a few of our favourites:


Using ethical and eco-friendly wedding favours. Not every one gives favours, especially if you are planning to a budget), but there are some lovely affordable favours available that wont have a negative impact on the environment. Flower seed packets are popular, useful and can help give give nature a hand (ours are meant to encourage bees and butterflies). If you are more into indoor plants, mini succulents are also a great idea (as long as they fit with your wedding decor). Natural, Vegan candles are also a great idea. if you don’t want them as favours they can be wonderful as part of centre-pieces. 


Pod & Pip

Natural decorations and table settings.  Avoid balloons, synthetic confetti and plastic flowers. Silk or paper flowers can be a great alternative if you down want the real thing. And petals or lavender man wonderful, natural confetti which look gorgeous. With enough advanced notice you can even grow your own. 

Instead of balloons there are some gorgeous new flower arrangements that take the space above diners and dancers at your wedding. Flowers hanging from ribbon, hanging planters or floral wreath displays are stunning ways to decorate a hall. Floral wreaths and hanging planters can be reused in the home or given away as thank you gifts. (Image attached is a wreath by the lovely Pod and Pip).

Another great way to decorate (and if you already have them at hand, a great way to save money) is to use potted plants. This is a trend set to increase in 2019. 

Hiring things is another way to save money and be more eco-friendly. No throwing everything away afterwards or storing it. There are some wonderful places to hire anything from chair covers, dresses and more from. Brides for Brides hires out decorations including decorative bikes.



Brides Do Good

The Outfits! Sanyukta Shrestha  designs beautiful, award winning, eco-friendly wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. A collection can also be found at Savin London  and Sisters Organic. One of latest discoveries if you are looking for an ethical way to buy your wedding dress is Brides Do Good. This amazing business buys and accepts donations of designer wedding dresses, which it then sells, with around two thirds of the money raised going to support charities which are helping to end child marriage.

For something a little (for brides and grooms) you could also decide to go Vintage – We love Chiffe Studio and After Number Nine for vintage gems, whether you are looking for wedding dresses (After Number Nine have wedding dresses which will be available when they set up their new studio), suits or accessories.

If it is suits you are looking for High and Mighty, follow Ethical Trade Initiative rules in the clothes they sell. Perfect for when it is time to suit up.  

Ethical honeymoons are also becoming increasingly popular…but that will be another post another day! 

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