Baking up a Treat


Things to Bake:

The nights are drawing in and Christmas is coming. A lovely time to bake and make treats. So here are a few ideas that make great snacks for when people visit. Or great gifts for people for Christmas. Read more

Things To Do With Coffee | Food Blog

We love coffee. it is more than just something to wake us up in the morning, it is a ritual. However you make it (in a cafeteria, Drip coffee filters, Stove top coffee makers, or just a spoonful of instant) making it can give you a moments reflection and calm… and even if it doesn’t and you grab a cup on the way into work each morning, it does taste amazing.

Here are a few other ideas of what you can do with coffee other than just drinking it.

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Things To Do With Marshmallow | Food Blog

mallow maid classical vanilla marshmallow

Classical Vanilla Marshmallow

Summer holidays are here! And it is a great time to start baking and making and camp fires (please choose a safe and suitable area). With this in mind, we thought we would give you a few ideas on what to do with marshmallows rather than just eat them.

And we decided to ask an expert, so we asked  The Mallow Maid

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Things to Do During the Easter Holidays!

Easter holidays are a great time to spend time with your family, making memories. So we have come up with a few ways to entertain the kids this Easter break… that will also teach them life skills & leave them with lovely childhood memories.

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Fair Trade Fortnight – Interview with Aura Que & Kaffe Fassett


Fair Trade Fortnight

Fair trade fortnight was started to spread the joy and knowledge of fair trade, and why it is important. And you can’t find anything much more joyful than the homeware and accessories produced by the collaboration of Aura Que and Kaffe Fassett. And made fair trade in Vietnam. We were lucky enough to be able to ask them a few questions about their collaboration, and why fair trade is important to them. Read more

Wood | The family edit


I have always loved wood. I think I may have mentioned this before. A few times. Which is partly why we were excited when this wonderful, family run company decided to join us. Not only is it run by a family in Wales, they also work with families across Europe. There beautiful wood products are made from sustainable sourced wood. Currently Home of Juniper stock their Beech (shown in the image above, this lovely light wood looks beautiful in a kitchen) and Cherry wood products but we have our eye on a few other pieces we will plan on introducing in autumn. Another lovely thing about these kitchen and dining products is that they are affordable, prices start at 95p. This means you don’t feel guilty buying them for yourself. They also make gorgeous gifts for someone who loves to cook or bake, either single products or gift sets. Remember if you ever want us to mix and match products into a gift set to just email us ( Read more

Nature Inspiration – Ceramics



Ceramics are something that often crosses the divide between useful and beautiful. This is definitely true of Lynn’s elegant pieces. All are hand thrown and hand painted in her home studio. These piece’s are all microwave and dishwasher safe. They also look lovely on display, as shown by some of the images we have been sent by happy purchasers. The fact they are handmade means that each piece is unique and special. We spoke to Lynn about how she makes these gorgeous jugs, mugs, and bowls; and where she gets her inspiration from. Here is what she had to say:

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Concrete is back. Invented in the nineteenth century, it reached new design heights in the 60s. High polished concrete was used as flooring, buildings were built with concrete used not only as a useful material, but also a design …. I have to be honest, I have never been a fan of this trend. I have alway preferred brick or stone covered houses, and wood flooring. I grew up disliking these towering concrete blocks. But concrete is once again becoming synonymous with contemporary design, architecture and interiors, and this time I like a lot of what I see. Read more

Sweet Virtues …


With Easter around the corner we decided to catch up with one of our sweetest producers. Sweet Virtues is a wonderful London based chocolate company whose innovative and delicious flavours have become increasingly popular. Part of the reason for the popularity of these products are the fact that they are organic, vegan and beautifully packaged. Any one with special dietary requirements (or who shops for someone with dietary requirements) knows how hard it can be to find deluxe products at a affordable price, that are vegan and organic. These are a fantastic, sweet treat.

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G&T anyone? | For the Love of Gin

Last month we stumbled across a rather wonderful craft gin … Tea flavoured!

Based in Yorkshire, this company’s gin was so lovely we have decided to share it with you, incase you haven’t heard of it before. One of the first things that caught our attention with this gin was the flavours…they make a lavender addition and a tea addition, two of our favourite things! Read more