Baking up a Treat


Things to Bake:

The nights are drawing in and Christmas is coming. A lovely time to bake and make treats. So here are a few ideas that make great snacks for when people visit. Or great gifts for people for Christmas. Read more


Photography by Sussex photographer Emma Croman

If you are wanting something new, social and creative to do when the nights start drawing in, we may have found the perfect thing for you. Syjunta. Syjunta is a Swedish concept. It is the name given to a gathering of people who meet to craft and enjoy a seasonal home-cooked supper.  Read more

Book Corner | The Quick Roasting Tin


Book Corner | The Quick Roasting Tin

Published: 30th May 2019

A diverse range of recipes, all cooked in a roasting tin, and with gorgeous accompanying photographs. (Warning: This book will make you want to buy a new range of roasting tins.) Dinners, lunches, brunches, puddings and sides; all made in a tin. Read more

MAKE BAKE AND READ | Some things to do in the Easter Holidays

MAKE BAKE AND READ – Some things to do in the Easter Holidays

The Spring half term is here, so we have come up with a few things to do incase you need a few ideas. We would love to hear about what you are doing this half term and Easter weekend. Find us on social media and let us know! (Links at the base of the post). Read more

Bake | How To Make a Beautiful But Simple Real Flower Cake

We have all seen the stunning cakes with real flowers on this summer, including at the royal wedding. Here is a really simple cake: Read more

Things To Do With Marshmallow | Food Blog

mallow maid classical vanilla marshmallow

Classical Vanilla Marshmallow

Summer holidays are here! And it is a great time to start baking and making and camp fires (please choose a safe and suitable area). With this in mind, we thought we would give you a few ideas on what to do with marshmallows rather than just eat them.

And we decided to ask an expert, so we asked  The Mallow Maid

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Marshmallow Just Got Cooler – Meet the Mallow Maid.

vanilla marshmallow from mallow made

Marshmallows have just got cooler! These gorgeous, sweet treats have just got a bit of attitude. We spoke to the owner of The Mallow Maid, Sarah, about her innovative flavours, her inspiration and having her Marshmallows showing what they are made of in Vogue and Glamour magazines!  Read more

Lemons & Lemonade

Summer has always linked in my head with lemons and lemonade. Homemade lemonade; not the fizzy type, the refreshing, tastes healthy- but has too much sugar in it to actually be healthy- type. Lemon sorbet. Lemon drizzle cake… and (picked up from travels in Africa) my favourite gin based cocktail. Basically, I am using the excuse of having a new lemon squeezer on the website to share a few of my favourite food and drink recipes with you all. I hope you enjoy. Read more

Easter Making- How to make edible, sugar coated flowers and what to do with them.

We at Home of Juniper have a passion for food. This passion usually revolves around eating… but when we do have time to get in the kitchen the creativity that can go into cooking can be pretty wonderful.

Perfect for this time of year, and great to do with children, is making sugar-coated flowers.

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Sweet Virtues …


With Easter around the corner we decided to catch up with one of our sweetest producers. Sweet Virtues is a wonderful London based chocolate company whose innovative and delicious flavours have become increasingly popular. Part of the reason for the popularity of these products are the fact that they are organic, vegan and beautifully packaged. Any one with special dietary requirements (or who shops for someone with dietary requirements) knows how hard it can be to find deluxe products at a affordable price, that are vegan and organic. These are a fantastic, sweet treat.

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