April Gardening – Seeds, Weeds and More

April is when gardens start to bloom. Embracing spring and growth. This means it is one of the busiest months for gardening. Sowing seeds, weeding and starting to keep on top of the grass again.


Weeds are often one of the first and fastest to grow. Getting a handle on them now can save a lot of work later. But if you don’t mind leaving some weeds growing, they can be a great source of early food for insects.

Seeds (and Planting Vegetables)

Now is also a good time to plant many seeds. Some will need to be sown and kept indoors (especially while we are still getting frosts), others can start to be grown outside. Make sure you check the packet for more information. Now is a good time to re-seed your lawn if you have any damaged areas.

Wildflower seeds, and hardy annuals can be planted outside. Now is also the time to plant out seed potatoes, asparagus and onions, if you are planning to grow your own

Whilst lavender, cosmos, marigolds, scabosia, basil, kale and others can all be sown, but need keeping inside (in a greenhouse or in a not too hot room in your home).

Nourishing and watering

If you haven’t already, now is the time to add nourishment to the soil. by adding compost or manure. And make sure you keep the soil moist in pots as the season gets warmer and we get less rain.

Working Blossom

Now is when all the gorgeous blossom is out, and when it needs fertilising, to make sure fruit arrives later in the year. This is a great reason to encourage pollinators, such as bees, in growing flowers they like. You can also fertilise your fruit trees with a soft bristled brush for better crops later in the year. April is a good time to mulch your fruit trees too. 

Flowers and Plants

Tidy the garden by deadheading daffodils, tulips and winter flowering Pansies. And get the garden ready for more blooms. Tie up clematis, roses and other climbers to make sure they are secure when in full bloom. Prune lavender and any other shrubs, above the fresh growth.

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