House Style at Chatsworth

Image credit: Chatsworth House Style

Chatsworth Houses sits, in all its grandeur, in stunning Derbyshire surroundings. The landscape around this beautiful building has influenced writer such as the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen and Daniel Defoe; it is a landscape that seems to have its own soul. This rolling, unending scenery is in stark contrast to the manicured elegance that is Chatsworth House. This elegance is currently expanded to a stunning exhibition- House Style: Five Centuries of Fashion at Chatsworth. This innovative exhibition shows a mix of clothing and paraphernalia of owners, visitors and family members of this famous household. Read more

Wild and Wool


There are a lot of things that make us happy, one of them is making things and the creativity involved. People use creating as a method of relaxing, a way to learn new skills, or a way of spreading joy. We spoke to Susie, the lovely creative behind Wild and Wool (One of our favourite Instagram accounts, which always makes us happy, with the lovely photos of creatures created and of wire-haired Daschund Mille.

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Growing Happiness

One of the responses we have had most, when asking people what makes them happy, has been gardens. Whether it is working in the garden or just sitting in your outdoor haven, gardens bring joy. And anything that brings you joy should be nurtured. Our work with BBCT bumblebee charity (registered Charity No 1115634 Scottish Charity No SC042830) has made us realise the importance of growing a garden that exists peacefully with nature. So we have gone to the BBCT to see if they have any tips on creating a bee-friendly garden. Read more

In Conversation with a Wedding Photographer

Weddings are one of the happiest days of your life. A day when you declare your love to the one you love, infant of the people you love. Usually at these occasions there is someone in the background, someone present at some of the most important parts of the day- from the bride getting ready until the sun is setting and the wedding party starts dispersing- the photographer. Creating beautiful images for you to remember your day with. We have managed to get a little inside information on what it is like to be professional wedding photographer, by talking to the lovely Kathy at Katherine Ashdown Photography : Read more

The Colour of Happiness


As part of our ‘Happy May Month’ we have taken a look at colour and how if affects our mood. Obviously there isn’t simply one colour that causes happiness, but it has been well documented that colour can affect mood.  Read more

Happiness Within Well-Being by Pilates Instructor, Samantha

We asked Pilates instructor Samantha for a little bit of information on Well-being, and which of our products are best suited to encourage well-being, here is what she had to say:

Well-being is the buzzword of the moment. For the consumer this means an increase in choice and in quality of product, as businesses compete for custom. With so many wellbeing-focused products on the market how do we know which have real health benefits and which are a less beneficial current trend?

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