Creating a Positive Mindset Through Yoga

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Yoga is one of the most popular types of exercises because it’s effective for improving flexibility, strengthening muscles, and soothing the mind. Perhaps that last bit is one of the most intriguing things about it. How can a type of workout make you feel positive and giddy all over? It’s more than just speculation too, with more than enough testimonials from practitioners around the world, alongside scientific studies that can back up such claims.

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How To Get Married Ethically

Jenny Maden Photography

We realise some of you 2018 brides will be further on than others but here are a few ideas and tips on ethical wedding ideas for 2018. The dress, the rings and more… Read more

In Conversation With Fable & Matter

One of the amazing things about magazines and blogs is the voice they give; not only the writers and editors, but also the people who see the world in the same way. They allow the spread of knowledge and understanding and creativity. We spoke to Valerie one of the editors of Fable & Matter to find out more about her online platform and see what it is like running a start up:

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In Conversation with Ara Living – Organic Bed Linen


Rann Bedding Set

Each May we concentrate on the things that make us (and you) happy. One of these things is a good nights sleep. Everyone feels better when they wake up after sleeping well, and one of the things that helps you sleep well is a comfortable place to lay your head. Sleeping well is even easier when you know you are laying on bedlinen which has been fairly made from natural, sustainable cotton. Ara Living are a relatively new brand with beautiful, modern designs who have wonderful ethics surrounding the production of these wonderful pieces. We were lucky enough to catch up with one half of Ara Living’s leadership team, Himanshi.  Read more

Ethical Fashion – A Few of Our Favourites Take Two

Chiffe Studio

One of our favourite things about buying from independent ethical Fashion companies is that you are not going to see loads of people in the street wearing the same thing as you. No piece is mass produced, and many are unique. As well as uniqueness of design each piece, each is made in an ethical way. Read more

The People Empowering Ethical Fashion


 It is Fashion Revolution Week. A week where we can learn and share knowledge about our clothes. What we wear and how it is made. A week to grow, not to judge but to understand more.

Over the last few years we have discovered some wonderful people who have introduced us to sustainable, eco-friendly and ethically made idea, products and fashion brands. Including some who are really empowering ethical fashion. You don’t need to be a brand or influencer to empower ethical fashion. You just need to start looking at #whomademyclothes ?

Below are a few people who empowered ethical fashion for us, we asked each of them the same question – Why is Ethical Fashion important to you? Here is a little about them, and their wonderful answers:

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Xoomba – Ethical Fashion from West Africa

Every brand has a reason it was created or a special story behind it. Xoomba creates beautiful home and textiles in West Africa. Ethically produced from Organic cotton. We managed to catch up with the creator of Xoomba , Heather, to find out a little about what inspired her to start Xoomba and what makes Xoomba fabric so special. The more we find out about this ethical clothing brand, the more we love it! Read more

Product Stories – Take One – Children’s Products

VW Camper Van - Solar Powered Light

VW Camper Van – Solar Powered Light

As many of you know, Home of Juniper started with the aim to collate a range of beautiful, well-made homeware, gifts and accessories which all have a wonderful story behind them. We share these stories though interviews with the makers and social media, but we wanted to share a few of our favourites each month, to give you a little more information about the amazing creatives we work with.

As it is still half- term for many of you, we thought we would start with a few of our products for children- all made or designed by parents:  Read more

In Conversation with 91 Magazine

We have always loved magazines. They are beautiful places to find inspiration, stunning images, wonderful writing and escapism. One of our favourite magazines for all these things, is 91 Magazine. It’s beautifully bound covers holds a wonderful collection of articles and images that do all of the above. We were very lucky to catch Olivia from 91 Magazine on the run up to the latest edition being released. Here is what she had to say:

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Things to Do During the Easter Holidays!

Easter holidays are a great time to spend time with your family, making memories. So we have come up with a few ways to entertain the kids this Easter break… that will also teach them life skills & leave them with lovely childhood memories.

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